Dent Fix AluArc® Aluminum Repair Station - Extended

Dent Fix - Item #: DENDF-900ARCDXE


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Dent Fix AluArc® Aluminum Repair Station - Extended

Features and Benefits:

  • The DF-900ARC/DXE AluArc Extended is the premier aluminum repair station you have been waiting for, it utilizes the AluArc Welding Unit which is capable welding keys
  • The AluArc is a drawn arc-welding unit developed specially for thin aluminum car body panels
  • The innovative gun is equipped with a high precision linear motor with a digital control, which provides refined synergies for effortless key or stud welding for controlled pulls.
  • Drawn arc-welding has several advantages over capacitor discharge technology including: Deep repair capabilities, Reduction in post repair preparation, Excellent reproduction & reliability process, No impact on the reverse side of the panel, Gas protection prevents contamination of the weld, and Closer key fitment for stronger pulling capabilities
  • The AluArc’s gun is equipped with a linear motor that provides two independently adjustable grounds and superior control of the welding cycle
  • The user experience is effortless thanks to the digital interface that is both intuitive and functional providing two welding modes:Synergic Mode factory pre-established programs andManual Mode which provides personalized settings.


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