Why ISN?

It is rewarding to be part of a company widely recognized as a leader in the tool & equipment industry. Our CEO, Mr. Tim Kolbus, knows our company can and will drive product and distribution excellence to PARTNER in growing our customer’s business. We strive to uphold this everyday with our devotion to champion customer service and to deliver. If you have a passion for excellence, you may find ISN has just the right career for you.

There are probably 100 reasons we could list why being an ISN team member is great but let us start with these. You will soon discover your own reasons to love working here.

Make Friends

Annual surveys show that team members love working at ISN because of the teamwork they experience and the friends they make. In 2020, ISN’s motto is “Better Together” because we win and are most effective when we work together!

Plenty of Opportunities to Advance

ISN has a strong tradition of promoting from within to maintain our people centered culture and reward our team member’s loyalty. If you become a team member, you will find that it’s not uncommon to meet team members and coworkers who have been with the company for 10 years or more... and that could be you, too!

Great Benefits

ISN offers an array of benefits to help team members obtain healthcare, save for retirement, and enjoy valuable time off with your family and friends. From “CEO” to our key “Warehouse Generalists”, we want you to know how much we appreciate your value to ISN and our customers.

We are Committed to a Diverse Workforce

Variety makes everything better. Imagine an office full of nothing but oranges. Diversity is a very good thing. Not just for the physical differences, but because of the fresh ideas and unique perspectives a diverse group of people provides. So ISN hires and employs lots of different kinds of people. We make it a priority to employ and work with people from many backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and ethnicities.

Want to Know More?

Check out our LinkedIn page, where we talk about everything related to working at ISN, company updates including open opportunities for those interested in becoming team members.

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