At ISN it is all about simplifying the go-to-market process for manufacturers and then ensuring resellers have the right tools on the shelf at the right times. You might say we are the, “magic in the middle.” What sets ISN boldly apart from a highly competitive field is our unique GROWTH factor! And not just ours but more importantly our customers’. It’s organic growth that results from the summation of adding lots of good people to the equivalent of an algebraic formula representing ISN’s proprietary systems and continuous innovation. It is the combination of these two factors overlaid with excellence that creates value for the ISN customer. The sum of these three create advantages for our customers like:
  • Access to industry and tool topic experts
  • Awesome product and brand availability
  • Unmatched depth of inventory
  • Quality guarantee supported with ease of return policy
  • Immediate credits
  • Everyday fair price
It’s the advantages like these that become the seeds of growth for our customers. And there are more resources being developed every day. Not just resources to sell more tools, but business and marketing tools to help stimulate your company’s growth and profitability.

Our Brand Promise: To be the best “one-stop go-to-market” partner for manufacturers, and the best “one-stop-shop for resellers.” We make this promise to support our customers and their customers, the professional mechanic or technician, the hardcore DIY consumer and anyone else who’s depending on that tool to beat the clock.